Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day Six: Beef and Noodles

Two of my all-time favorite comfort foods are chicken & noodles and beef & noodles. We've had temperatures below zero for the last couple of days, and we needed some comfort food. I thought there was a container of beef & noodles in the freezer, but I was wrong. But I did find a 3 1/2 pound rump roast. Beef & noodles coming up!

I put the frozen roast in the crock pot, covered it with water, and let it stew on high overnight. When I got home today, I pulled out the roast, which was ready to cut up and shred, and put the roast juices into the fridge so the fat would be easier to skim off.

About an hour before dinner, I cut up some peeled potatoes and put them on to boil for mashed potatoes...just a little something to put the beef & noodles on.

As the potatoes are cooking, here are the ingredients for the beef & noodles...shredded beef, the juice from the roast, some beef soup base (which I prefer over bouillon) and a cheap package of brown gravy mix. Yes, they were all in the pantry! And today's noodle of choice is Fettuccine. We have a LOT of boxed pasta in the pantry. And for this dish, the Fettuccine works great. I also like to use Kluski noodles.

I break the fettuccine noodles into smaller pieces before cooking.

Heat up the beef broth and add a couple Tablespoons of the beef soup base...

Heat to boiling and mix it up, then add the dry noodles.

It's best to keep stirring constantly for several minutes so the small noodles don't stick together. Once the noodles are soft, add the beef.

Let it simmer & stew for at least 20 minutes, giving it a stir every once in awhile. And mash up those potatoes.
That's a mighty fine looking pot of beef & noodles...

Potatoes are mashed and ready...

Put some mashed tators in a bowl and ladle over some beef & noodles. Mmmmmm.....

And there's enough left over for lunch sometime this week, and a large container for the freezer to be eaten some night when we feel the need for comfort food...I just won't have to work as hard to make it!