Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 23: Wings and Fries

We had wings again. They are in the freezer and pretty easy to make.  John just heats up the fryer and drops them in.  I also wanted fries.  We stopped buying fries about a year ago.  After making them home made the bagged ones are too expensive and frankly not as good.

John peels the potatoes, because our son doesn't like the skins.  I like them but don't mind the peeled ones. 

Then onto the great potato chopper.  It has paid for itself over and over.

Lid on and give it a push.

 And there are perfect fries.

John soaks the starch off in some water and then did a quick fry. He takes them out and fries them again when he puts the wings in.  It makes them super crispy.

These are the best frozen wings we have found.  We got them at Walmart or Aldi.  Good price and big, juicy wings.

I worked overtime.  This was great with a rum runner.  TGIF!