Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day Thirteen: Interesting Combinations

Avocados were on sale at Aldi last week, so I bought a bunch...6, I think. The only problem is, they all ripen up at the same time! They got ripe the other day, so I've been having avocado on toast for breakfast every morning. But I've still got 4 extras. Looks like it's time to make some quick guacamole!

I do a VERY simple guacamole that's mostly mashed avocado, some lime juice, 8 cloves of garlic, and about 1/4 cup of salsa. Then, sprinkle with some salt and some cumin.
Peel the avocado and put in a bowl. I like to mash it with a pastry cutter. Add a little lime juice for flavor and so the avocado won't turn brown.

Garlic is diced up...

Add the garlic and shake on some cumin...

Throw in the salsa and mix. This guacamole is so simple and so good. And if there's any leftover, it freezes pretty well. Just put it into a small ziploc baggie and freeze. Thaw it out when you're ready to have it again.

That's a nice bowl of guac with a tasty chip for dippin'!

What goes with Guacamole & chips? Hot wings, of course! Why not? We ate guac & chips while the wings were cooking. These are the wings we always have stocked in our freezer. We love them! We get them at Aldi. Wal-Mart also carries them.

10-12 minutes in the fryer and they are ready! I always like to add a little Cookie's Wings & Things Sauce as well.

Odd combination, but very good. And all on hand to make!