Monday, January 20, 2014

Day Nineteen: Hoagies Three Ways!

One of the benefits of John throwing leftovers in the fridge is quick and easy meals.  This makes a difference during the week.  John loves to cook.  I have seen him devote days to a single meal, but that is not realistic on a daily basis.

I am also always impressed how he can look in the fridge and see a meal where I see unconnected ingredients.  Today he found the last of the ham, a container of gizmo meat and some smoked andouille sausage. Along with some hoagie buns, pizza sauce and cheese, we were ready for dinner.

There wasn't enough of any single item for all three of us to eat the same thing.  So we have hoagies three ways.  Into each he put some pizza sauce.

He put the gizmo meat in one.  If you've never had a gizmo, it is a sweet Italian sausage with some spices and things mixed in.  John made a batch of them a few months ago and put the little bit left in the freezer.  For Chris it was a simple ham and cheese.  John had his andouille wrapped in ham.  This andouille was left over from MeatFest and had a great smoky flavor.

So in the pizza pan.

Then topped with cheese.

John adds a foil tent, so the buns stay soft.  Then into the oven at 400 degrees.

And all done.  A few chips and an easy dinner done.